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<b>Character Name:</b> Kuukaku Shiba

<b>Canon:</b> Bleach

<b>Canon Point:</b> After the first Sternritter invasion of Soul Society.

<b>Background/History:</b> Kuukaku enters the narrative as the mysterious friend of Shihounin Yoruichi, whom the cat claims can help them get past the walls of Seireitei when their initial attempt at entry was thwarted by Ichimaru Gin. The invaders travel across the backwoods of the Rukongai to try and find the mysterious Shiba, only to find that their last place of known residence is just a flat lot of dirt in the words. According to Yoruichi, Kuukaku moved about a lot, so tracking them down would not be easy.

Eventually, they come across a house flanked by massive stone arms holding aloft a banner proclaiming it the residence of one Shiba Kuukaku. Gaudy in the extreme, the cat happily replied that this was surely Kuukaku’s residence as “Kuukaku always had weird taste in houses”. Upon stepping onto the property, the party is assaulted by two towering, muscular men who believe them to be intruders. Yoruichi’s presence, however, diffuses the situation handily since both guards recognize her instantly. Escorted into the underground complex, Ichigo and his friends are introduced to Shiba Kuukaku, head of the Shiba Clan. (They were surprised, they believed Kuukaku to be a man.) Of course, this was the time that Kuukaku introduced her little brother Ganju, who would accompany them into Seireitei. The same guy that got into a fight with Ichigo earlier that evening and who obliged him with continuing it immediately after seeing each other. In the tussle, Kuukaku’s pipe was shattered and she disciplined them both severely. By burning down her own house in a single fiery punch.

After filling her in on the situation, Kuukaku immediately agrees to help them get into Seireitei. But to get there, they have to train to use a special orbs that would allow them to form a canonball with their spiritual energy that would be the basis of the battering ram that would break them through the shield surrounding the seat of shinigami power. While Chad, Orihime and Ishida had no problems using the Spirit Absorbing cores, Ichigo and his untamed power lacked the control or focus to get it right. It takes some instruction from Ganju, but Ichigo eventually gets it right...or close enough to hopefully not kill everyone.

The next morning sees the group fired out of the canon by Kuukaku’s kidou and makes its way towards Seireitei. Kuukaku watches them blast off with a strangely vulnerable look, the worry for her little brother naked upon her face.

We see a glimpse of Kuukaku in Seireitei, approaching Jidanbou, one of the gate guardians about something. Its of note here that the Rukongai populace refers to her as “Kuukaku-sama”, and seem to treat her with great respect.

The next we see of her is at Rukia’s execution after Aizen had been revealed to be the traitor he was. Kuukaku arrives in her usual attention-grabbing style, descending from the clouds on Jidanbou’s shoulders and firing an impressive kidou on Aizen’s forces.

After that is when Kuchiki Rukia seeks her out after she is granted her freedom to finally apologize for Kaien’s death. Kuukaku reveals that she’d known all along and promised herself that if Rukia made at least a single effort to apologize, she would forgive her. Her presence in the manga ends with her “inviting” Ichigo and Rukia to eat dinner with her.

The next time we see Kuukaku is when the Royal Guard, with Kurosaki Ichigo and the injured Kuchiki Rukia, Kuchiki Byakuya, and Abarai Renji, come to her to use her Kuukaku Canon to return to the Royal Realm. She makes a statement that Ichigo going to the Royal Realm will “make uncle sad” (the uncle in question is Ichigo’s father, Kurosaki Isshin, making her and Ginjou Ichigo’s first cousins), but it must be done if Soul Society is to survive. After the party departs, Kuukaku reveals that she and her brother are training with the deceased Fullbringers Kugo Ginjou, Shukuro Tsukishima, and Giriko Kutzusawa. She states that all of them will have to participate in the next battle.

<b>Personality:</b> Shiba Kuukaku is shameless, brash, loud, bossy to the point of tyrannical (especially if you’re Ganju), intelligent, inventive, aggressive, proud, violent and secretly underneath all the noise and bravado, someone who deeply loves and cares for her family. She just expresses that love with her fists, more often than not.

As the head of the disgraced Shiba Clan, Kuukaku lives a hermetic lifestyle in the far-flung reaches of Rukongai, away from Seireitei and the power base of the other Great Noble Clans. The details surrounding their fall are vague and unarticulated, yet Kuukaku does not seem to lament the loss of her family's status, indicating that she doesn't care much for the political and social climes of nobility and seems to be content with her exile from the halls of Soul Society's power.

Like her beloved fireworks, Kuukaku is loud, bright, flashy, and impossible to ignore. As far as modesty goes, Kuukaku seems to have little: she dresses revealingly, if not necessarily provocatively, with a shirt with her clan's symbol and a plunging neckline that shows off her impressive cleavage and a high-slit skirt over what appears to be no undergarment whatsoever. Whenever she is out and about, she wears a white cloak with gold chain that seems to be a sign of her former status, since nobody else is seen in Rukongai wearing a similar garment.

When she speaks, its usually casual and lazy, holding little regard for the traditional suffixes of polite Japanese society. When she’s angry - and it doesn’t take much sometimes - she peppers her yelling with liberal amounts of profanity, often directed at the object of her ire. Said language is usually accompanied by swift and brutal physical discipline. To the skull. Sometimes if she’s especially angry, she skips the hitting and goes straight for the fireball punch. She’s going to say what she thinks of you, your training, your intelligence and skill and be damned if she’s going to still her tongue just for the sake of politeness. Politeness is for people too scared to be honest about what they think! But for all her violence and bluster, in moments when she’s alone, vulnerability or affection can be seen. Her concern for her brother launching himself into Seireitei is as clear as day, her memories of Kaien are touched with a particular pain and love of family,  and her sudden arrival at Soukyoku Hill in the finale of the Soul Society Arc indicates that maybe, just maybe, she cares what happens to Soul Society.

In exile, self-imposed or not, Kuukaku is allowed to pursue her talents and hobbies with no restraint (or complaints from her neighbors as the case may be). Though not explicitly stated, its indicated through her ostentatious decor outside her house and through Yoruichi’s dialogue (“Kuukaku always had weird taste”), seems to indicate that Kuukaku’s artistic sensibilities run along the same lines as her attitude. Over the top, in your face, and unapologetic as to how much your eyes hurt because of it.  

<b>Abilities/Powers:</b>Fireworks: Kuukaku is the self-proclaimed “Number One Fireworks Technician” of Rukongai, and so far nobody seems to be disputing the title. Though Ganju is the one we see primarily use fireworks in combat, he says himself that Kuukaku is much better at it than he is. Both as a combat ability and as a profession, Kuukaku is head above the rest in her craft, combining kidou and her fireworks platform the Kuukaku Cannon, she is able to launch Ichigo and his crew over Rukongai and into Seireitei on a single shot.

Kidou: Kuukaku displays mastery over high levels of kidou, primarily hado (destructive style - big surprise), and capacity of creating her own kidou spells as seen when she uses the Kuukaku Cannon and Ganju attempts to use the follow up incantation. It should be noted that few others in the series have been known to use and create their own kidou spells, the only other person seen to have created their own kidou is Chessmaster Genius Urahara Kisuke. When the forces of Soul Society confronts Aizen for his treason on Soukyoku Hill, Kuukaku makes a flashy, show-stopping entrance by firing a massive kidou wave of lightning on Aizen. While falling from about a mile up in the sky. While riding on the shoulder of a giant with no hands.

Shunpo: Kuukaku is seen in a few panels running very quickly, if not shunpoing.

Strength: Kuukaku displays preternatural strength, especially when punishing her delinquent brother Ganju and Ichigo when they “wreck” her house after crossing paths again. She continually physically abuses Ichigo through his training as well as any houseguests who might voice displeasure over her methods.

Intellect: Kuukaku possesses a keen mind, capable of assessing and understanding a scenario with limited information. In addition, her construction of the Kuukaku Canon indicates she has at least practical knowledge in applied engineering and physical science. Her skill with fireworks suggests that she also has some specialized knowledge in chemistry and constructs and complies her own shells and rockets. Her own unique kidou spells, as well as her Spirit Absorbing Cores and her Cannon show someone with an aptitude for invention and research.

If this didn’t make Kuukaku awesome, keep in mind she does this with <i>one hand</i>.

<b>Items/Weapons:</b> Sword: Kūkaku possesses a sword which resembles an ordinary katana. It has an pale orange hilt and a rectangular tsuba, the corners of which curve inwards. She keeps it attached to the back of the stub of her right arm

Reishūkaku (霊集核, Spirit-Gathering Core): This invention uses its wielder's Reiryoku in order to generate and maintain a spherical shell of energy. She will be bringing one of these with her

<b>Sample Entry:</b> <a href=>Her first entry at Adstring.</a>

<b>Sample Entry Two:</b>Fireworks were delicate work.

Fireworks were also tedious work when making them in large amounts. Double the exasperation when you only had one functioning hand to do it with. But Kuukaku persisted, even with the lack of proper facilities, the lack of fucking <i>anything</i> to be honest. She was a resourceful woman, but even she couldn’t weave straw from gold. Or sake from spit. Fuck, she needed a drink, she already loathed this place.

“Oi, Kisuke, where’s my magnesium?”

He leaves the pale white flakes by her side with no word, as if understanding just how foul a move she was in right now. Carefully tapping out the metal into the gunpowder-covered rice hulls, she covers the sphere with tissue paper and goes to the other half of the shell and starts threading through the fuse. Usually, she’d have Ganju doing this kind of handsy work, but he wasn’t here.

He was just home, alone. Or out running around with that gang of idiots that called him “boss”, on that damned boar. Probably getting into trouble, into fights, making a nuisance of himself, the brat.

He was fine without her. He had been for a long time.

Bracing the bottom half of the shell between her knees, she tries to align the top and bottom half and keep it still enough to start the line of paste along the hemisphere.

“Fuck this!” she shouts as the powder and the magnesium spills on the floor when her knees tilt down too far. Kicking the whole thing across the room, she storms off, leaving it all strewn across the floor.

She hated being confined, told what to do, how to act, how to <i>be</i>. But most of all, she hated being confined by her own weakness.


Mar. 25th, 2012 10:06 pm
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 Shiba Kuuaku:

Fireworks Master || Brazen Drinker || Punches with Fire
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Compared to the rest of the populace, Kuukaku just got gills. Which means she's currently clinging to a flagpole on some building somewhere with her legs. Its a miracle of anime physics that her skirt isn't flying up or her boobs aren't popping out of her top.]

Okay, does this shit happen a lot around here? I mean, girl goes to sleep on a comfy pile of debris and wakes up to a crab trying to get in her hair. As the bureaucracy of crackpots have informed me, they've busted a leak upstream, which is why we're all swimming to work. But thats not the important thing!

I'm Shiba Kuukaku, best fireworks technician you'll ever meet and Im looking for stuff. Namely somewhere to sleep and materials to restart my lab. Among them black powder or charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur, strontium or lithium salts, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, barium, copper, large amounts of iron and steel, or structures that would support a forge. Payment agreed to on a case by case basis. 

And before one of you smart asses asks, the only parting of my legs I'd do for anyone would be to kick your pelvic bone directly under your skull. 
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[Sup, Adstring? How are you today? Good? Well rested? Awesome. 

However, there's someone who isn't. Somewhere, there is one unbelievably pissed off woman standing in the middle of the street, PCD in hand, and bristling like the angriest, scariest cat you can imagine. And yelling at the top of her lungs which, just to note, carries pretty far. She's shouting a name, it seems


[Growling and not seeming to notice the happy flicker of the recording light on her phone, the woman continues to stomp down the road.]

Whoever is responsible for this is going to get his ass set on fire! Ganju, where are you?!


Jun. 21st, 2010 02:34 pm
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[Filtered to Seireitei at large]

Alright folks, Summer's here and that means the damned heat is too. So, for you sweaty, grumpy shinigami looking for some way to not marinate in your sweat, I am pleased to announce that my Kidou Coolers are up for order again! This new batch lasts longer on a charge and has directional vents as well. Seeing as Im a good business woman and at least gracious enough to you all for the lodging, I'm happy to offer discount bulk prices to divisions!

Also remember that Summer is fireworks season, too! Anyone looking to throw a party or just annoy your neighbors, I have brand new packages built for individual buyers in mind, full of the staples and some new products perfect for setting off in your backyard or division grounds.


Jun. 6th, 2010 05:54 am
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[OOC: Assume this is pre-Aizen is a fucking dick and lets the boys go.]

[Filtered to Friendlies.]


Everything from First District to the Thirty Fifth is repaired and new homes have been made for those who have lost theirs. The businesses and industries are gonna take a hell of a lot longer, but people have roofs over their heads again. Its a start.

Problem is the people deeper into the Rukon. I don't need to tell you folks how bad shit gets once you cross into the Forties, and reconstruction has to happen. We've got a lot of people, for reasons that are pretty damn obvious, aren't wanting to go back home. People are crowded down here and while the extra hands are nice to help get the bigger projects up and running, its causing a lot of problems with spreading food and water around, especially as the Summer comes in.

So, to get to the point, I need some volunteer swords to help secure supply lines and just be watch dogs in the upper districts. Can't pay ya much except in meals for the day and some possibly grateful smiles, but its a hell of a squeeze down here.

[Filtered to Ganju]

You better be getting another good report card, you little punk.

[Filtered to Illuminati.]

Has anyone, anyone, heard a fucking thing out of Aizen? I'm not liking this silence bullshit a fucking bit. C'mon, I know I'm not in the damn inner circle here, but a word on my family and my damned boyfriend would help me sleep a little better at night.


May. 22nd, 2010 12:42 am
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[Locked to Rukia]

Hey, Kuchiki...

[Her voice is quiet, thoughtful even for a woman so often yelling and being crass.]

I got a jug of sake here with our names on it. Where are you?


May. 14th, 2010 06:48 pm
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[Locked to Kensei, Renji, and Ichigo]

Not a word. All three of you keep your damn heads down and dont say a word till something can be figured out.

You already did your stupid heroic shit for this year.

[Locked to Urahara and Yoruichi]

Please tell me that you covered your tracks, Kisuke, so that I dont have to worry about you getting busted for being involved.


Apr. 24th, 2010 03:57 am
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[Filtered to Seireitei Friendlies]

So, what in the ever blazing fuck is going on? I keep hearing people yammering about Aizen closing the Senkaimon? Again? Doesn't the bastard have a new song and dance by now? Someone's at least seeing to the konsoing and hollow-stomping, or is Aizen trying to tear down his own precious kingdom around his ears?

[Private to Urahara]

Assuming you're not locking yourself in your lab, I got a question or two to ask you.

[Private to Rukia]

You'd better be keeping your strength up, Kuchiki.

[Private to Yoruichi]

Hey, got a favor to ask of you.


Apr. 19th, 2010 03:06 pm
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[Private to Isshin]*

Oy, I'm not fond of you, you bastard. You know that. But you do need to know that your boy is in the Fourth under 24-hour watch. He's been messed up something bad. His reiatsu is ripped up like no tomorrow. Broken ribs and punctured lung, smooshed organs. He was in a coma when he got in here and...some of the nurses told me that his heart stopped for a few minutes on the table.

He wanted you to know, so you damn well better consider what you say to him next time.

[Private to Unohana-taichou]

Aaah... I know you're probably busy. Really busy is my cousin's any indication, but... you got anyone that has something to help ya sleep? I...can't right now.

[ooc: Yeah, we dont have an Isshin, but I did this anyway so that Kuukaku can say that she sent a message for reals.  Feel free to ignore it if it contradicts something else you had in mind, Aino.]


Jan. 30th, 2010 03:19 am
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[Filtered to Friends, Family, and Seireitei Friendlies.]

[Kuukaku looks like ragged hell that's been driven over by a sixteen-horse carriage. Almost a month of being in crisis mode - between battling out the invaders in the Rukongai then spending the time ever since between trying to coral the uprisings and protecting the citizens caught between rioters and Seireitei and sometimes protecting the citizens from the shinigami that had grown too tired and frustrated to be able to delineate between innocent and suspect. ]

I'm checking with the Twins for a bit. Not sleeping here, but I got a few trust worthy people watching the camps. Any word on when you guys will be done painting the noble's fucking porches?

[She cards a hand through her hair, looks like she could use a shower, too. The camera swings to indicate she's turning a corner and then stops and begins to...lower? The angle is strange, odd, like her hand is dropping down to her side, the small slice of her face visible is still and wide-eyed. Shocked speechless.]

Wh...? NO! NO!

[Suddenly, the phone seems to drop all together to the ground, landing with a burst of static and something breaking. Through a fractured lens, Kuukaku's feet are seen running towards her house.

A house that is billowing dark, black smoke from its windows.]


Jan. 22nd, 2010 07:31 pm
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[Locked to Seireitei Friendlies, Captains, and Vices]


Holy shit, they're burning food.

I'm not kidding folks, a caravan just got ambushed about to wheel into the First District. I tried to intervene, but they burned the whole damn thing. They're not letting ANYTHING get into Seireitei. They're slaughtering livestock and burning the corpses.

You people have leftovers, right?


Jan. 21st, 2010 03:40 pm
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[Voice - Filtered to All Seireitei Captains, Vice Captains, and Friendlies.]

[Kuukaku is having the half-yell into the mic, as the roar of voices around her is deafening, angry, and chaotic.]

Uhh, guys? We got a problem.

[There's the sound of something crashing nearby.]

Scratch that, we got a fucking riot on our hands! Where the fuck have you people been!?

[Over her voice, there's distinct chanting starting to form. "No water? No food! No warmth? No food! No homes? No food!"]

Wh...where the hell are these fuckers going...?


Jan. 12th, 2010 01:04 am
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[Locked to Seireitei Friendlies, Family, Kensei.]

[Kuukaku is bandaged up along her forearm, a shallow splash of acidic blood catching her a day ago. She's scraped, banged up, sweaty and exhausted - just like everyone else has been lately. Her fingers are a bit charred with all the kidou she's been flinging around, too.]

So, status report: Everyone still alive or what? I swear, if anyone is dead, I'll wring your fool necks.

So when these bastards have cleared out, sake at my place.


Jan. 6th, 2010 07:23 pm
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[Voice - Filtered to Seireitei Friendlies]

Wh-What in the...the fuck..

[There's the sound of something crashing through the feed and Kuukaku yelling at someone to keep running. A quick chant and the resounding boom of kidou going off.] going on here!? What in the unholy hell are these things?!


Dec. 27th, 2009 06:08 am
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[Filtered to Friends and Family )

Filtered to Kensei )

Filtered to Unohana-taichou )


[Now, Christmas gifts!

Everyone on the network (even you, Aizen) gets a bundle of small fireworks - Poppers, Snapdragons, Spirals - arranged in a neat bundle that looks like a flower arrangement, the colorful paper wrappings in red, black, white, green and blue. Attached to each is a card:

Warning: Fireworks can cause fire. Do not operate in the direction of things flammable as this might set cause them to catch fire. This applies to people as well (Though if you do manage to manage to set someone on fire with these, please write us with the tale, we love this stuff!). The Shiba Family is not responsible for loss of property, life, limb, pets, clothes, the elderly, or annoying neighbors due to the negligent use of this product. Also, do not fire while point at your face or genitals. 

-Happy Holidays and a Lucky New Year, Shiba Kuukaku.

Ichigo gets a bottle of chocolate liquor and a set of three books that are antique zanjutsu manuals, hand-written and hand-drawn pages describing a very old style of swordplay that's a derivitive of kendo.

Renji gets a bottle of unique whiskey a head scarf.

Rukia gets a bottle of pink vodka and a book thats a "How To" drawing manual for bodies and people, including explanations of muscle groups and poses.

Urahara gets a bottle of booze thats right up his night owl alley and a hat.

Shunsui gets a bottle of whiskey and a modern-looking sake set.

Ukitake gets a bottle of green tea (kinda) and a fountain for his new garden

Orihime gets a bottle of colorful drink and a nice skirt.

Unohana gets a bottle of herbal liquor and a parasol.

Isane gets a bottle of peppermint schnapps and a thank you note for... ya know... saving her life.

Kensei gets a bottle of nice bourbon  and a cookbook that amused her.


Dec. 17th, 2009 08:45 pm
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[[This starts out as an open post - no filter, but gets filtered about ten minutes later....]]


[Kuukaku is sitting with her back against a tree, panting hard, head tilted down so that her hair, mussed with debris and caked with mud, covers her face.

However, what she can't hide is the deep gash across her upper chest, seeping blood down her chest and soaking into her shirt. Around her arms, there seems to be chains wound tightly into the flesh, the links will probably leave imprints of bruises later on. She's holding her shoulder awkwardly, the way it drops indicating its dislocated. Scratches, blood, grass, and the smear of discharged gunpowder is all over Kuukaku.]


Abarai...Renji? I...found...

[A drop of blood is visible dripping from her face. Her voice is rattling and hoarse. Pause. Pant.]

...Kensei. He's okay...

[Another pause, the camera moves as she uses her good hand to swipe at her face. In the movement, there's a flash of the deep cut on her face, starting somewhere in her hair and going in a straight line down the right side of her face to her jaw, barely missing her eye. A hiss of pain before she sets the camera back into focus again.]

Kinda. Past the 80th. Woods. South. Don't keep your thumb up your ass too long, okay?


Dec. 11th, 2009 02:07 pm
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[Filtered to Friends, Family, Seireitei Friendlies, and Kensei]


I'm moving the house in five hours. Anything you want hidden from Aizen's big, fat nose better get it to the 42nd before I get out of here. I'll be staying here until the New Years deal, which the asshole will probably show up at.

Somebody better be ready to hold me back if he does.


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