Jan. 30th, 2010 03:19 am
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[Filtered to Friends, Family, and Seireitei Friendlies.]

[Kuukaku looks like ragged hell that's been driven over by a sixteen-horse carriage. Almost a month of being in crisis mode - between battling out the invaders in the Rukongai then spending the time ever since between trying to coral the uprisings and protecting the citizens caught between rioters and Seireitei and sometimes protecting the citizens from the shinigami that had grown too tired and frustrated to be able to delineate between innocent and suspect. ]

I'm checking with the Twins for a bit. Not sleeping here, but I got a few trust worthy people watching the camps. Any word on when you guys will be done painting the noble's fucking porches?

[She cards a hand through her hair, looks like she could use a shower, too. The camera swings to indicate she's turning a corner and then stops and begins to...lower? The angle is strange, odd, like her hand is dropping down to her side, the small slice of her face visible is still and wide-eyed. Shocked speechless.]

Wh...? NO! NO!

[Suddenly, the phone seems to drop all together to the ground, landing with a burst of static and something breaking. Through a fractured lens, Kuukaku's feet are seen running towards her house.

A house that is billowing dark, black smoke from its windows.]

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