Sep. 1st, 2009 09:28 am
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[Filtered to All Friendlies, that meaning [Family], [Friends] and [Gotei Allied (except you Kurotsuchis)]

Hakyoku Kiseki's gone. However, she did manage to leave me a note on my phone. (Some kind of voice message - how did my zanpakutou become so much better with this thing than I have?)

The short and the dirty is that the zanpakutou got a talk with Shinsou about "going home" and regaining their powers. Some took the opportunity, some didn't for various reasons. All I know is that leaving means they're separated from us forever. At least thats what Shinsou told her.

(Kira-taichou? She also mentioned something about you giving Wabisuke more hugs. I dunno what that means, its Hakyoku.)

I'd like to take the chance to remind everyone that though losing our zanpakutou is hard, devastating, this is no time to fall the fuck apart. If the last 80 years of my life taught me anything, it taught me how to be ambidextrous and that we have more available to us than our zanpakutou. We have kidou, hakuda and base zanjutsu. Take this time to hone your other skills, give yourself something to focus on (besides paperwork) and keep growing strong. 

So don't fuck around!

[Private to Renji]

Still up for those zanjutsu lessons when you get back?

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[Filtered to all Zanpakutou, except Shinsou, Kyoka Suigetsu, and Suzumushi.] 

Those among you who are following Shinsou, do you do so out of vindictiveness against your shinigami or do you feel that it is our duty to return to our former selves to continue to serve our purpose?

Those among you who are staying, do you fear leaving your shinigami alone, or do you do so because you fear what is becoming of us?

I'm merely curious.


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