Jun. 6th, 2010 05:54 am
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[OOC: Assume this is pre-Aizen is a fucking dick and lets the boys go.]

[Filtered to Friendlies.]


Everything from First District to the Thirty Fifth is repaired and new homes have been made for those who have lost theirs. The businesses and industries are gonna take a hell of a lot longer, but people have roofs over their heads again. Its a start.

Problem is the people deeper into the Rukon. I don't need to tell you folks how bad shit gets once you cross into the Forties, and reconstruction has to happen. We've got a lot of people, for reasons that are pretty damn obvious, aren't wanting to go back home. People are crowded down here and while the extra hands are nice to help get the bigger projects up and running, its causing a lot of problems with spreading food and water around, especially as the Summer comes in.

So, to get to the point, I need some volunteer swords to help secure supply lines and just be watch dogs in the upper districts. Can't pay ya much except in meals for the day and some possibly grateful smiles, but its a hell of a squeeze down here.

[Filtered to Ganju]

You better be getting another good report card, you little punk.

[Filtered to Illuminati.]

Has anyone, anyone, heard a fucking thing out of Aizen? I'm not liking this silence bullshit a fucking bit. C'mon, I know I'm not in the damn inner circle here, but a word on my family and my damned boyfriend would help me sleep a little better at night.
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{NOTE: Backlogged to Sunday Night, June 7th. Immediately after community.livejournal.com/checkmate_logs/108997.html ]

The message begins with some faint static and some grumbling and fumbling in the background. Kuukaku can be heard muttering to herself before things go relatively quiet.

"Hey, is this thing working? Hel----

The message is cut short abruptly mid sentence.

Another message is made after it, logged no more than a minute later. Same static and fumble, but now with more cursing.

"Fucking buttons...

Ahem. To whomever gives a crap, Kurosaki is at my place, Kuchiki found him and brought him here. He's okay, but his foot is mangled like hell, managed to patch up most of the broken bones and bone fragments and stuff, but he's still gonna need some attention from the Fourth. I'm keeping him here for a day so he can heal up a bit more unless you guys can arrange for somekinda palaquin or wagon for him. The whole leg needs to rest. Don't bother callin' him or Kuchiki, both are passed out right now.

Thank you and have a merry fucking day.


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