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Compared to the rest of the populace, Kuukaku just got gills. Which means she's currently clinging to a flagpole on some building somewhere with her legs. Its a miracle of anime physics that her skirt isn't flying up or her boobs aren't popping out of her top.]

Okay, does this shit happen a lot around here? I mean, girl goes to sleep on a comfy pile of debris and wakes up to a crab trying to get in her hair. As the bureaucracy of crackpots have informed me, they've busted a leak upstream, which is why we're all swimming to work. But thats not the important thing!

I'm Shiba Kuukaku, best fireworks technician you'll ever meet and Im looking for stuff. Namely somewhere to sleep and materials to restart my lab. Among them black powder or charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur, strontium or lithium salts, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, barium, copper, large amounts of iron and steel, or structures that would support a forge. Payment agreed to on a case by case basis. 

And before one of you smart asses asks, the only parting of my legs I'd do for anyone would be to kick your pelvic bone directly under your skull. 


Jun. 21st, 2010 02:34 pm
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[Filtered to Seireitei at large]

Alright folks, Summer's here and that means the damned heat is too. So, for you sweaty, grumpy shinigami looking for some way to not marinate in your sweat, I am pleased to announce that my Kidou Coolers are up for order again! This new batch lasts longer on a charge and has directional vents as well. Seeing as Im a good business woman and at least gracious enough to you all for the lodging, I'm happy to offer discount bulk prices to divisions!

Also remember that Summer is fireworks season, too! Anyone looking to throw a party or just annoy your neighbors, I have brand new packages built for individual buyers in mind, full of the staples and some new products perfect for setting off in your backyard or division grounds.


Dec. 17th, 2009 08:45 pm
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[[This starts out as an open post - no filter, but gets filtered about ten minutes later....]]


[Kuukaku is sitting with her back against a tree, panting hard, head tilted down so that her hair, mussed with debris and caked with mud, covers her face.

However, what she can't hide is the deep gash across her upper chest, seeping blood down her chest and soaking into her shirt. Around her arms, there seems to be chains wound tightly into the flesh, the links will probably leave imprints of bruises later on. She's holding her shoulder awkwardly, the way it drops indicating its dislocated. Scratches, blood, grass, and the smear of discharged gunpowder is all over Kuukaku.]


Abarai...Renji? I...found...

[A drop of blood is visible dripping from her face. Her voice is rattling and hoarse. Pause. Pant.]

...Kensei. He's okay...

[Another pause, the camera moves as she uses her good hand to swipe at her face. In the movement, there's a flash of the deep cut on her face, starting somewhere in her hair and going in a straight line down the right side of her face to her jaw, barely missing her eye. A hiss of pain before she sets the camera back into focus again.]

Kinda. Past the 80th. Woods. South. Don't keep your thumb up your ass too long, okay?


Dec. 11th, 2009 02:07 pm
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[Filtered to Friends, Family, Seireitei Friendlies, and Kensei]


I'm moving the house in five hours. Anything you want hidden from Aizen's big, fat nose better get it to the 42nd before I get out of here. I'll be staying here until the New Years deal, which the asshole will probably show up at.

Somebody better be ready to hold me back if he does.


Sep. 29th, 2009 08:21 am
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Ganju, Yoruichi, Kisuke...not a word.

Not a word outta none of you!

[Grumpy Shiba-san is grumpy and doesn't want to be reminded about her birthday, kthnx]


Sep. 15th, 2009 12:20 am
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[Filtered to Seireitei and her Allies - Video Post]

[Have a smiling, excited Kuukaku leaning down and grinning at the screen. Genuinely pleased and maybe just a touch smug and self-satisfied. Pulling back, she turns the camera towards two little boxes, identical and no less than a foot by foot big. Each side is slotted like a ventilation grate and the top has a glass-like panel.]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a mother fucking genius!

[Camera pans back to her, held so one can see her place a hand on one box, atop the glass plate. The box glows slightly before she pulls her hand away and she presses a button. The insides of the box begin to glow a soft red and there's a whirring sound. The observant see the air around the slots on the box suddenly ripple with expelled heat. Her hand rests on the other one and this glows blue within and one assumes that this one is expelling cold air.]

Pretty fucking neat, huh?


Sep. 1st, 2009 09:28 am
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[Filtered to All Friendlies, that meaning [Family], [Friends] and [Gotei Allied (except you Kurotsuchis)]

Hakyoku Kiseki's gone. However, she did manage to leave me a note on my phone. (Some kind of voice message - how did my zanpakutou become so much better with this thing than I have?)

The short and the dirty is that the zanpakutou got a talk with Shinsou about "going home" and regaining their powers. Some took the opportunity, some didn't for various reasons. All I know is that leaving means they're separated from us forever. At least thats what Shinsou told her.

(Kira-taichou? She also mentioned something about you giving Wabisuke more hugs. I dunno what that means, its Hakyoku.)

I'd like to take the chance to remind everyone that though losing our zanpakutou is hard, devastating, this is no time to fall the fuck apart. If the last 80 years of my life taught me anything, it taught me how to be ambidextrous and that we have more available to us than our zanpakutou. We have kidou, hakuda and base zanjutsu. Take this time to hone your other skills, give yourself something to focus on (besides paperwork) and keep growing strong. 

So don't fuck around!

[Private to Renji]

Still up for those zanjutsu lessons when you get back?

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[Filtered to all Zanpakutou, except Shinsou, Kyoka Suigetsu, and Suzumushi.] 

Those among you who are following Shinsou, do you do so out of vindictiveness against your shinigami or do you feel that it is our duty to return to our former selves to continue to serve our purpose?

Those among you who are staying, do you fear leaving your shinigami alone, or do you do so because you fear what is becoming of us?

I'm merely curious.


Aug. 5th, 2009 06:34 am
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[Filtered to: The Family, Friends, and Members of Seireitei That Are Not Named Kurotsuchi]

So. I would like to remind you all that my house is underground, so its nice and cool right now. I also have this nifty lake in my backyard thats got a nice little ramp made for diving off of. I also have plenty of booze from the party (you people disappointed me!) that's nice and chilled in the basement.

In other words, come visit me, damnit. Nobody's going out so nobody's wanting fireworks, so I've got nothing to do but to shunpo around in this heat and practice kidou. I mean, I don't know how to entice you people more except to offer free hookers in the deal as well. And candy. Hookers and candy, damnit, don't make me get them.


And Hakyoku wants to meet some shinigami and some zanpakutou "while everyone is being social for once" according to her. She only looks like she's half demon, I promise.

[ooc: Dont mind me, noisy Kuukaku muse and just wanting to show off new icons~]

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{NOTE: Backlogged to Sunday Night, June 7th. Immediately after ]

The message begins with some faint static and some grumbling and fumbling in the background. Kuukaku can be heard muttering to herself before things go relatively quiet.

"Hey, is this thing working? Hel----

The message is cut short abruptly mid sentence.

Another message is made after it, logged no more than a minute later. Same static and fumble, but now with more cursing.

"Fucking buttons...

Ahem. To whomever gives a crap, Kurosaki is at my place, Kuchiki found him and brought him here. He's okay, but his foot is mangled like hell, managed to patch up most of the broken bones and bone fragments and stuff, but he's still gonna need some attention from the Fourth. I'm keeping him here for a day so he can heal up a bit more unless you guys can arrange for somekinda palaquin or wagon for him. The whole leg needs to rest. Don't bother callin' him or Kuchiki, both are passed out right now.

Thank you and have a merry fucking day.


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