Dec. 17th, 2009 08:45 pm
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[[This starts out as an open post - no filter, but gets filtered about ten minutes later....]]


[Kuukaku is sitting with her back against a tree, panting hard, head tilted down so that her hair, mussed with debris and caked with mud, covers her face.

However, what she can't hide is the deep gash across her upper chest, seeping blood down her chest and soaking into her shirt. Around her arms, there seems to be chains wound tightly into the flesh, the links will probably leave imprints of bruises later on. She's holding her shoulder awkwardly, the way it drops indicating its dislocated. Scratches, blood, grass, and the smear of discharged gunpowder is all over Kuukaku.]


Abarai...Renji? I...found...

[A drop of blood is visible dripping from her face. Her voice is rattling and hoarse. Pause. Pant.]

...Kensei. He's okay...

[Another pause, the camera moves as she uses her good hand to swipe at her face. In the movement, there's a flash of the deep cut on her face, starting somewhere in her hair and going in a straight line down the right side of her face to her jaw, barely missing her eye. A hiss of pain before she sets the camera back into focus again.]

Kinda. Past the 80th. Woods. South. Don't keep your thumb up your ass too long, okay?


Jul. 30th, 2009 03:26 am
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[The post in question comes attached with several photos, all of them of a rather lovely and almost naked young woman thats certainly not Kuukaku. The following voice post is attached to it, spoken by a mature, sultry-sounding woman.]

Helllloo~? My brethren, I know you can hear me through this wondrous device~

Its been so long since any of us have been able to communicate with each other like this. Sebonzakura-kun, Benihime-chan, I so missed you two! Its been so quiet since Nejibana-kun left, has it not? I missed my Kyokotsu-chan and my Kotowari-kuns as well! While we are in this predicament, we should make the most of it  and get together~! 

And to all the other zanpakutou brothers and sisters out there, I would love to see you, too~! I'd love to hear from you all, I know some of you have opposible thumbs~~~!

[Voice Edit by Kuukaku]

What are you...? Give me that! How the hell did you get this in the first place?!

While you were sleeeeeping~!

Oh damnit....

[After the posting of this entry, it gets locked under a Bananafilter so damn fast.]


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