Jun. 25th, 2009 10:52 pm
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[Meant to be Private, but instead is left as a Friends-Only filter]

I'm kinda shocked about hearing about Inoue-san. I mean, it was only a few days ago when she healed up my arm and all. Damnit, she was a nice girl, real sweetheart. Sincere too, not a lot of people like that left in this world or the others.

I think I'm more bothered by the fact that I was probably the last person she ever used her powers on before her death. More bothered by the fact that a Hollow was just... there at the right time to swallow her up. Even if she was freshly dead, she would still have her powers, right? There's no way that a garden-variety Hollow got her. That shit is more on my mind than her actual death.

Yeah, I know that makes me a shitty person, but I can't help it. I wasnt as close to her as any of the others, but... I owed her big time. There's no way you just walk away from a person that just completely changed your life like that. I really wanted to return the favor somehow, but now I dont get to pay back the favor and that really bothers me.

Ichigo said she was buried in Inuzuri. Really Ichigo? Inuzuri? Forests for miles around here and you bury her in a slum like that? I think I'm gonna go for a walk. Bring her a little sake, even if she wasnt a drinker. I just feel itchy by not paying some respects.

I think I'll go visit Kaien too, bring him a bottle of that god-awful beer he loved. Him and Miyako.

Goddamnit, the shit never stops, does it?


Jun. 21st, 2009 04:33 pm
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[The following is a voice message]

Hmm, lets see if this works.

I'm looking for an Inoue Orihime. I need to speak to you as soon as possible.


The message ends as quickly as it began. Seems at least Kuukaku understands voicemail now.


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