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Name: Hakyoku Kisaki (Cataclysm Empress)

Command: Sora o hineri (Twist the skies)

Type: Lightening




In shikai, this zanpakutou takes form of several different lengths, thicknesses and styles of chain wrapped around Kuukaku's arms, legs and waist. (Thus the reason she was unable to use her zanpakutou without her arm) Her typical attack pattern is to swing the ends of the chains that she holds in her hands around and around and throw the barbed, weighted ends at her opponents. She has considerable range with this, but over extending the strikes damages the strength and the accuracy of the attack.


With these chains, Kuukaku can do a variety of things. She can bind targets, secure herself or others to large objects, act as a siege weapon against walls, and even use the chains to create objects like bridges over wide gulfs. In hakuda, she wraps the chains tightly around her limbs and torso, creating something akin to body armor and weights that add tremendous power to her strikes. Sadly, it also slows her down a bit, so using this against quicker opponents might not be the best move.


Hakyoku's primary ability in shikai is based around the rotation of chains in her hands. Rotations build up an electrical charge in the chains themselves which can be released upon Kuukaku's command into very large explosions or stun a victim entangled in its chains, depending on the time or speed she used to charge them. This is also used against opponents when in close quarters, punches can carry not only the weight of the chain behind them, but can release explosive charges of electricity at impact.


Hakyoku Kisaki has no special attacks in shikai mode. Its strength is on its versatility at both ranged and up close combat as well as its practical uses as armor. It requires great physical strength to wield, and extended use tires Kuukaku out quickly due to her lack of use. However, training in all areas is improving her staying time with the shikai release more and more.




Not yet achieved.




Hakyoku appears to Kuukaku as a beautiful woman from the waist up with flowing purple hair and very scant net like armor. Her hair is styled into short horns and flows over her chest in two pigtail-like hanks, both ending in some strange kind of woven ornament. From the hips and below, the zanpakutou is a massive beast with demon-like features, a behemoth of black, gray and purple scales and twisted spines with a massive jaw filled with sharp fangs. She is prone to speaking as the woman on most occasions, acting flirtatious and coy with anyone she comes across, even Kuukaku. But when angered or during combat, she speaks as the demon and with a voice that reminds one of thunder.




Art by Wen-M at ( )

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