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[Now, Christmas gifts!

Everyone on the network (even you, Aizen) gets a bundle of small fireworks - Poppers, Snapdragons, Spirals - arranged in a neat bundle that looks like a flower arrangement, the colorful paper wrappings in red, black, white, green and blue. Attached to each is a card:

Warning: Fireworks can cause fire. Do not operate in the direction of things flammable as this might set cause them to catch fire. This applies to people as well (Though if you do manage to manage to set someone on fire with these, please write us with the tale, we love this stuff!). The Shiba Family is not responsible for loss of property, life, limb, pets, clothes, the elderly, or annoying neighbors due to the negligent use of this product. Also, do not fire while point at your face or genitals. 

-Happy Holidays and a Lucky New Year, Shiba Kuukaku.

Ichigo gets a bottle of chocolate liquor and a set of three books that are antique zanjutsu manuals, hand-written and hand-drawn pages describing a very old style of swordplay that's a derivitive of kendo.

Renji gets a bottle of unique whiskey a head scarf.

Rukia gets a bottle of pink vodka and a book thats a "How To" drawing manual for bodies and people, including explanations of muscle groups and poses.

Urahara gets a bottle of booze thats right up his night owl alley and a hat.

Shunsui gets a bottle of whiskey and a modern-looking sake set.

Ukitake gets a bottle of green tea (kinda) and a fountain for his new garden

Orihime gets a bottle of colorful drink and a nice skirt.

Unohana gets a bottle of herbal liquor and a parasol.

Isane gets a bottle of peppermint schnapps and a thank you note for... ya know... saving her life.

Kensei gets a bottle of nice bourbon  and a cookbook that amused her.


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